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Horse Orchestra is a Copenhagen-based septet consisting of musicians from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. The band's spectacular music combines elements from different parts of the history of jazz with boundary-pushing experiments and free improvisation. Classical compositions from 1920's New Orleans and Chicago meet 1960's free jazz (with detours to all sorts of musical movements such as baroque music) and creates an original, post-modern, and not least humorous style.

Horse Orchestra's debut album "Living The Dream" has recieved much critical acclaim and won two awards at the Danish Music Awards Jazz 2015: "Special release of the year" and "New name of the year".

The band consists of:

Erik Kimestad Pedersen, trumpet
Ingimar Andersen, saxophones
Petter Hängsel, trombone
Kristian Tangvik, tuba
Jeppe Zeeberg, piano
Nicolai Kaas Claesson, bass
Rune Lohse, drums


Here is a whole lot of press related stuff. So much fun.


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Horse Orchestra press info:

English version
Danish version

"Four Letter Word" press releases:

English version
Danish version

"Living The Dream" press releases:

English version
Danish version


The music can be bought through iTunes and CDON. You can also order by dropping a line to horseorchestra@gmail.com. Each album costs 150 DKK plus shipping.

Four Letter Word (2016)

Living The Dream (2014)

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New album out: "Four letter word"

October 3, 2016
Our second album "Four letter word" is now out digitally and on vinyl (more info under "Buy"). It was recorded in June 2016 in front of live audience at Studio 22a in Copenhagen. We want to thank those who supported the release: KODA, The Danish Actors Association and DJBFA. You are simply the "hest"!

"Living the dream" gets a 5 star review in Berlingske

January 10, 2015
Kjeld Frandsen describes the band as "[...] a fantastic group, who indiviually and collectively deliver with impressive virtuosity and subtlety."
The review can be read here (in danish).

Two prizes at the Danish Music Awards!

December 3, 2015
Very proud to announce that we won two Danish Music Awards at this years jazz award ceremony. The categories are: "New name of the year" and "Special release of the year".

Concert calendar



July 8 - 23:00
H15, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Denmark


August 5 - 17:00
Salon Perdu, Manchester Jazz Festival, England

Concert calendar



April 2 - 16:00
Sønderborghus, Sønderborg, Denmark


May 13
Trondheim, Norway

May 20 - 21:00
Modern Jazz Days, Køge, Denmark


July 3 - 19:00
Tivoli (Harmoniscenen), Copenhagen, Denmark



May 5
Nordischer Klang Festival, Greifswald, Germany

May 6
Nordischer Klang Festival, Greifswald, Germany


June 4
Nattjazz, Bergen, Norway

June 10
Rust, Copenhagen, Denmark


July 1
Mandaljazz, Mandal, Norway

July 6 - 19:00
Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Denmark

July 8 - 22:30
Christianshavns Beboerhus, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Denmark

July 12 - 14:00
Klostertorvet (Aarhus Jazz Festival), Aarhus, Denmark

July 28
Canal Street, Arendal, Norway


August 4 - 23:00
Femø Jazz Festival, Femø, Denmark

August 27
Gladsaxe Rådhus, Gladsaxe, Denmark

August 31
Godset, Kolding, Denmark


September 8
Huset, Aalborg, Denmark

September 14
Vega (DJBFA Show), Copenhagen, Denmark

September 29
Giant Steps, Svendborg, Denmark


October 5 - 21:00
1563, Hong Kong

October 7 - 21:00
Focal Fair, Hong Kong

October 8
Tommorow Festival, Shenzhen, China

October 25
Newcastle Arts Center, Newcastle, England

October 26
The Hare and Hounds, Birmingham, England

October 27
The Cube, Bristol, England

October 28
Match & Fuse Festival, London, England

October 29
Belgrade Jazz Festival, Serbia

October 30
Kragujevac Jazz Festival, Serbia


November 7
Bremen Teater (DMA Jazz), Copenhagen, Denmark



March 2
5e, Copenhagen, Denmark

March 9
5e, Copenhagen, Denmark

March 16
5e, Copenhagen, Denmark

March 23
5e, Copenhagen, Denmark

March 30
5e, Copenhagen, Denmark


May 9
Vallekilde Højskole, Hørve, Denmark

May 10
Atlas, Århus, Denmark


June 27 - 12:00
Riverboat Jazzfestival, Silkeborg, Denmark

June 27 - 23:00
Riverboat Jazzfestival, Silkeborg, Denmark


July 6 - 16:00
Fredes Bastion, Copenhagen (Cph Jazz Festival), Denmark

July 10 - 22:30
Christianshavns Beboerhus, Copenhagen (Cph Jazz Festival), Denmark


September 30 - 08:45
Kildevangens skole, Vipperød, Denmark

September 30 - 11:05
Elverdamsskolen, Ugerløse, Denmark


October 1 - 08:45
Sofielundskolen, Holbæk, Denmark

October 1 - 10:00
Sofielundskolen, Holbæk, Denmark

October 7 - 08:45
Sofielundskolen, Holbæk, Denmark

October 7 - 10:00
Sofielundskolen, Holbæk, Denmark

October 21 - 08:35
Raklev Skole, Kalundborg, Denmark

October 21 - 10:55
Rynkevangskolen, Kalundborg, Denmark

October 22 - 09:05
Årby Skole, Kalundborg, Denmark

October 22 - 12:00
Svebølle Skole, Kalundborg, Denmark

October 23 - 22:30
Christianshavns Beboerhus, København, Denmark


November 4
Gladsaxe Jazzklub, Gladsaxe, Denmark

November 11
DOX:JAZZTÅRNET, Knippelsbrotårnet, Denmark



January 24
Hobro Jazzklub, Hobro, Denmark

January 30
B-Flat, Berlin, Germany


February 2
Atlas, Århus, Denmark

February 21
Christianshavns Beboerhus, Copenhagen, Denmark


April 25
Koncertkirken, Copenhagen, Denmark


July 7
Mayhem, Copenhagen, Denmark

July 15
Klostertorvet, Århus, Denmark


November 28
Mellemrummet, Copenhagen, Denmark



February 14
Christianshavns Beboerhus (Vinterjazz 2013), Copenhagen, Denmark


July 11
Mayhem, Copenhagen, Denmark

July 14
Christianshavns Beboerhus, Copenhagen, Denmark


October 24
Husets Teater, Copenhagen, Denmark



March 31
Velodromo, Copenhagen, Denmark


April 3
Mir, Oslo, Norway


July 11
Kvarterhuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

July 11
Metronomen, Copenhagen, Denmark

July 14
Christianshavns Beboerhus, Copenhagen, Denmark


August 20
The Nordic House, Reykjavík, Iceland

August 23
The Nordic House, Reykjavík, Iceland

August 28
The Nordic House, Reykjavík, Iceland